12 daylight saving time deals on coffee and food to help with the lost sleep

Daylight saving time has arrived once again. On Friday, March 10, when clocks “spring forward,” we’ll gain an hour of sunlight in the evenings for a few months but lose an hour of sleep for one day.

While it seems like a fair exchange, missing a precious hour of shut-eye can wreak havoc on your routine.

To help you fend off yawns, many brands are offering deals on coffee, tea and breakfast foods. Here are a few to get your day started on the right foot!

Burger King is hosting Perks Week (March 10 — 16) in the days following daylight saving time, offering customers seven days of deals. Here’s what's in store:

Dunkin’ and Grubhub are teaming up to offer customers free coffee up to $7 with orders of $20 or more on March 9 and 10.

Gopuff and Starbucks are delivering free coffee across the country on March 10 between 3:01 a.m. ET to 11:59 p.m. ET. Here's how their two offers work:

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