3 zodiac signs experiencing luck during the March 17 Neptune cazimi

1. Gemini Pisces energy rules your house of career, reputation and even professional goals. This is an energy that can highly affect what major you choose in college, internship opportunities and career advancements.

While you are often highly motivated to create financial success, Pisces energy here also asks that you ensure you are searching for the deeper meaning of what you choose — and that it is also of benefit to others.

2. Cancer Neptune cazimi in Pisces will peak in your house of luck, abundance, travel, education and spirituality. With the cazimi here, you are being guided to start something new in how you approach these themes, and even opportunities in your life

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Sometimes in life, the universe asks you to practice blind faith which is the trust that everything is happening to manifest what you desire regardless of whether there is logical evidence present or not.

3. Virgo Neptune cazimi unites the planet of love and romance with the Sun in Pisces, bringing in a total shift in your energy and what surrounds you. In this space, it will be hard to keep your feet on the ground, but the thing is, you’re also not meant to

Let yourself get carried away by love and romance with this energy, prioritize time with your partner or put yourself in the place to meet someone new if you’re currently single. Instead of looking at love in terms of what is simply being offered for you, pay attention to what you truly have dreamed of.

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