5 subtle signs your friend is jealous of you, even if they seem supportive

Backhanded Compliments: They offer compliments that seem genuine but contain a subtle hint of sarcasm or criticism.

Excessive Competition: They constantly try to one-up you or undermine your achievements, turning friendly competition into a rivalry.

Lack of Enthusiasm: Despite your successes, they seem disinterested or unenthusiastic when you share good news or accomplishments.

Secretive Behavior: They become secretive about their own life or achievements, fearing they might not measure up to yours.

Sabotage or Undermining: They subtly sabotage your plans or success by offering misleading advice or creating obstacles, often under the guise of concern or helpfulness.

It's essential to approach these signs with empathy and understanding.

Jealousy often stems from insecurity or feelings of inadequacy, and addressing these underlying emotions can help strengthen your friendship.

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