6 Fun Facts About the Moon You Might Find Spooky

The moon plays a vital role in maintaining Earth's stability by moderating its axial wobble? If not, then these are some of the facts about the moon you'll learn right here.

Here's another interesting fact: The moon was shaped billions of years ago, when a Mars-sized body collided with our young planet.

Just as the sun commands our attention during the day, knowing moon facts to understand just how and why the moon does what it does is equally important.

Most of the 200 tons of trash on the moon is space junk and ephemera crash-landed or left behind by the 12 astronauts who have visited since 1969.

The full moon can, in fact, mess with your emotions. Back in the Middle Ages, scientists and philosophers believed that a full moon caused seizures and influenced episodes of fever and rheumatism.

Each year, the moon's orbit moves about four centimeters away from the Earth, meaning that in a mere 500 million years, the moon will be 14,600 miles farther away than it is right now.

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