6 Rules To Follow When You're Married To A Narcissistic Sociopathic Husband

Feeling alone because you keep part of your life hidden from those who love you the most is frightening because you’ve lost a big part of who you used to be before you met and married

Pay attention to whatever he says or does that makes you feel this way. Notice how he does it, and how often.

Notice how you feel. Don't just accept he's right, and you should feel a certain way.

“He’s right. It was my fault I burnt the mushrooms. This makes me feel guilty now." Giving a name to what you're feeling doesn't mean he's right.

For him to make you feel guilty, you have to ‘buy into” feeling guilty! It won’t work unless you agree consciously or subconsciously to “buy into” his version of why you should feel guilty.

Now, you can choose not to feel guilty because you don’t deserve to feel guilty, and you did nothing wrong. Make this decision consciously, even if you still feel guilty.

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