6 signs your friend is quiet-quitting your friendship, even if you talk every day

Decreased Engagement: Your friend may show decreased interest or enthusiasm in maintaining the friendship. They might respond less frequently to messages or seem disinterested during conversations.

Avoidance of Plans: If your friend consistently avoids making plans or cancels them last minute, it could be a sign that they're withdrawing from the friendship.

Lack of Initiating Contact: If your friend rarely initiates contact or conversations, despite talking every day in the past, it may indicate a shift in their commitment to the friendship.

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Change in Tone or Content: Pay attention to any changes in the tone or content of your conversations. Your friend may become more distant or less open about personal matters, signaling a potential withdrawal.

Limited Sharing: If your friend stops sharing important aspects of their life or fails to confide in you as they did before, it could suggest they're pulling back from the friendship.

Excuses and Distancing: Your friend may start making excuses to avoid spending time together or engaging in meaningful conversations. They might also create emotional or physical distance, making it harder for you to connect.

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