6 Stunning Ideas How To Balayage Short Hair

Subtle Face-Framing Highlights: Add soft, face-framing highlights to short hair using the balayage technique, focusing on highlighting strands around the face to create dimension and brightness.

Textured Balayage Bob: Enhance the texture of a short bob haircut with balayage highlights, painting lighter shades onto the ends and layers to accentuate movement and depth.

Balayage Pixie Cut: Elevate a pixie cut with balayage highlights strategically placed throughout the hair, adding dimension and visual interest to the short style.

Contrast Balayage: Create a bold statement by incorporating contrasting balayage highlights into short hair, such as dark roots transitioning to lighter ends or vice versa, for a striking and modern look.

Sun-Kissed Lob: Give a lob haircut a sun-kissed effect with balayage highlights, painting subtle, natural-looking highlights throughout the mid-lengths and ends to achieve a beachy, effortless vibe.

Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair: Add warmth and brightness to dark short hair with blonde balayage highlights, strategically placed to create a soft and blended contrast for a stunning and eye-catching result.

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