A Mom Addresses The Rudeness She Experienced After Bringing Her 10-Month-Old Baby To A Rave

A mom’s decision to bring her 10-month-old son to a rave has sparked a significant debate on parenting, social norms and the boundaries of acceptable behavior in unconventional settings.

The woman took to social media to vent about her poor experience, and her post has been circulating on several platforms as people weighed in on the controversial topic.

During the show, she complained about how people were repeatedly bumping into her son and smacking her, one man spilled his drink on her

“This just goes to show that if you do bring your baby to an all ages show it can work out completely fine,” she shared. “If you bring them and they don’t like it, then you learn.”

So much can go wrong at a rave, from dehydration to hyperthermia, in addition to unsafe actions and accidents. Raves attract large crowds, which pose a danger in and of itself.

This woman is not the first parent to bring her child to a festival. In fact, one couple shared their in-depth experience bringing their daughter to festivals

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