Advice for Attracting Hummingbirds With Morning Glories

To draw more hummingbirds to your yard or garden, one of your first steps should be to incorporate more morning glories and other tubular flowers that provide nectar.

Here are some tips to get started! Start by planting morning glories on trellises, fences, and arbors where you can enjoy watching the hummingbird activity up close.

You will want to choose a mix of morning glory varieties to extend the blooming season.

Ideally, you will plant patches of other flowers like petunias, bee balm, and coral honeysuckle which will attract hummingbirds.

Provide a water feature like a mister or fountain for bathing and drinking. Avoid pesticides that could impact hummingbird food sources.

Keep feeders clean, change the nectar regularly, and use only white granulated sugar for homemade nectar.

In addition, pay attention to the information from our list in the previous section about what to grow in each geographic region in the US!

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