Are Brussels Sprouts Technically A Type Of Cabbage?

Yes, Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) are technically a type of cabbage.

They belong to the same species as cabbage, which is Brassica oleracea, and are considered a cultivar or variety of cabbage.

Brussels sprouts are essentially small, compact cabbage-like buds that grow along the stem of the plant. They develop in the leaf axils, which are the angles between the leaf and the stem.

Both Brussels sprouts and cabbage share similar characteristics and nutritional profiles because they belong to the same species.

However, Brussels sprouts have a distinct taste and texture compared to cabbage, with a slightly nutty flavor and denser texture.

While Brussels sprouts and cabbage are closely related, they are cultivated and consumed in different ways.

Brussels sprouts are typically harvested when the sprouts are small and tightly packed, while cabbage is harvested for its large, leafy heads.