At-Home Keratin Treatment Gets You Silky, Shiny Hair for $100s Less Than at the Salon

It's almost as if the women's hair is coated in a magic potion to make it so soft and luscious.

Keratin is a type of protective protein our bodies produce naturally that appears in our hair, skin and nails, explains Madison Roulan, hairstylist and co–owner of Rule On Salon in New York City.

A keratin treatment is a popular chemical-based treatment that aims to recover the elasticity, luster and health of hair,” says Roulan.

You can try an at-home keratin treatment if you have straight, curly or wavy hair.

Plus, too much keratin for anyone, regardless of hair thickness, can cause more harm than help to hair.

While the pros we spoke to advise getting your first keratin treatment done professionally at a salon to ask questions and watch the proper technique, you can DIY it at home.

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