Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

Rich Bourbon Flavor: Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies feature a rich and indulgent bourbon-infused dough that adds depth and complexity to the classic thumbprint cookie.

Nutty Crunch: These cookies are filled with chopped pecans, providing a delightful nutty crunch with every bite.

Irresistible Thumbprint Design: Each cookie is indented in the center to create a well for the filling.

Sweet Filling Options: The thumbprint wells are typically filled with sweet and sticky ingredients like caramel or chocolate ganache, complementing the rich flavors of the bourbon and pecans.

Perfect for Special Occasions: Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies are a popular choice for holiday gatherings, cookie exchanges, and special celebrations.

Easy to Make: Despite their sophisticated flavor, Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies are surprisingly easy to make.

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