Compostable Keurig Pods: How the Coffee Maker Plans to Tackle Its Waste Problem

Keurig put into motion an ambitious plan to tackle single-serve coffee waste this week with the unveiling of the brand's first-ever 100% compostable coffee pods.

Keurig's K-Rounds will require the new Alta machine that's being designed specifically to brew the eco-friendly pods.

Both the Keurig Alta and K-Rounds will enter beta testing this year ahead of their potential consumer release in 2025.

Keurig's new plant-based K-Rounds will serve as a more sustainable way to brew single-serve coffee with the touch of a button.

The K-Rounds aren't just intended to be more sustainable -- the proprietary pressed coffee pucks will be more versatile, with pods available in specialty grinds and sizes to brew espresso, regular coffee and iced coffee.

Pods are fed into a top chamber of the Keurig Alta much like you would load an existing K-Cup.

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