Dad Says Marriage Is Hard For One Reason Only — And It Has Nothing To Do With Him Or His Wife

Justin Kellough, a father and parenting content creator, candidly admitted the one thing that makes a marriage incredibly strenuous and often unsuccessful.

"It's the children. The children make it hard," Kellough bluntly admitted. While other factors go into making marriage difficult, in Kellough's experience, kids have a major impact.

There is a correlation between the decline of marriage and the recent welcoming of children.

Kellough emphasized that he doesn't understand how that is, and commended their ability to navigate a marriage after having children, calling them "superheroes.

He admitted that having children made him more selfless, and more mature, but if he's being asked why marriage is hard sometimes, he can't help but find that children are the culprit.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy your partner one-on-one before having children, especially when the stark reality is that once kids enter into the equation

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