Do Hummingbirds Like Morning Glories: A Natural Oasis

Everyone knows that hummingbirds love bright, colorful flowers! They’re also well known for flying backward, hovering in front of flowers and feeders, and beating their wings so fast that their wings are almost invisible.

But what types of flowers do hummingbirds prefer? Well, one flower that attracts these tiny birds is the morning glory!

Morning glories produce an abundance of sugary nectar that provides the high-energy food hummingbirds need to power their metabolism

Why Do Hummingbirds Like Morning Glories? A hummingbird has a very fast metabolism and must consume up to half their body weight in nectar each day, spread out over multiple feedings. They will visit between 1,000 and 2,000 flowers every single day!

Morning glories produce an abundance of sugary nectar that helps satisfy a hummingbird’s extreme nutritional needs. Hummingbirds can lick between 15-20 times per second with their long tongues.

The tubular trumpet shape of the morning glory flower is perfectly designed to accommodate hummingbirds’ long, slender bills!

As prolific bloomers, morning glories provide a constant renewable food source for hummingbirds through the growing season. The nectar content is ideally suited to hummingbird digestion and energy needs.

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