‘Excessively hot’ Dunkin’ coffee burned me, customer says in lawsuit

ANew Jersey resident has filed a lawsuit against a Dunkin’ in Morris County claiming he was seriously injured when the lid came off a cup of “excessively hot” coffee and spilled on him.

Phillip Sgroi said in court papers he bought a cup of coffee on Feb. 11, 2022, at a Dunkin’ store on Main Street in Madison.

When the lid dislodged, the cup’s “excessively hot contents” spilled on his torso and limbs, according to the lawsuit.

“The lid was not properly secured to the Styrofoam cup and the product itself was served at a dangerous temperature,” states the suit, filed Jan. 29, in New Jersey Superior Court.

The lawsuit claims the store “sold excessively hot coffee at a temperature that exceeded the reasonable and customary standard.”

Sgroi claims he suffered injuries that required hospitalization, out-of-pocket medical expenses and that he has been subjected to liens due to bills related to the coffee spill accident.

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