Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Is Surprisingly Easy To Make

It's easy to make nectar that hummingbirds love to drink with a simple mixture of sugar and water, and there are many reasons why they need this extra source of hydration.

Beating their wings around 53 times per second, their quick movements are supported by a high metabolism that needs nourishment (via the National Park Service).

A hummingbird can eat enough nectar and insects to equal 50% of its body weight each day. During nesting season, this diet may include up to 2,000 small bugs daily, returning often to the nest to feed the young birds

In addition, they may double their weight to prepare for winter migration. All of this activity can be dehydrating, which is why additional sources of hummingbird food are critical.

Providing this nectar is worthwhile in other ways as well. According to Growing Produce, one farmer used hummingbird feeders on his blackberry farm in place of more toxic pest control methods, setting up 25 feeders per acre

The air became filled with the small birds as they hunted insects, entertaining the workers by pausing to rest on their arms and hats. Because so many insects were consumed around the growing plants, the farm avoided spraying the crops with pesticides.

This wonderful result was made possible by attracting the birds with a simple sugar mixture in each feeder. If you want to draw hummingbirds to your yard, follow this recipe to create the homemade nectar they love.

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