How Coffee Grounds Can Upgrade Your Compost Pile

It's easy to assume that your coffee grounds no longer have a purpose once they've been deployed to make your morning cup of joe.

But rather than tossing them in the trash (or putting coffee grounds down the garbage disposal, which you should never do), there are plenty of ways to reuse them that don't involve consuming them in any way.

Making compost is already a sustainable way to return your leftover scraps to the soil, pumping the dirt full of nutrients from your discarded food.

When you add your coffee grounds to the mix, not only are you avoiding wasting them, but you're actually enhancing the quality of your compost.

Not all leftover food provides quality material for your pile. For instance, you should never add meat to your compost.

.Plus, the caffeine in coffee grounds may repel garden pests like slugs and snails when mixed with water.

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