How homeowners can help hummingbirds prepare for nesting time

Plant Native Flowers: Choose native flowering plants like bee balm, trumpet vine, and salvia to provide natural nectar sources for hummingbirds during nesting season.

Provide Shelter: Offer sheltered areas with dense foliage, shrubs, and trees where hummingbirds can build their nests away from predators and harsh weather.

Install Nesting Materials: Hang cotton, wool, and other soft materials in your yard for hummingbirds to use as nesting materials. Avoid using dryer lint as it can contain harmful chemicals.

Maintain a Clean Environment: Keep your yard free of pesticides and herbicides that can harm hummingbirds and their offspring.

Offer Water Sources: Install birdbaths or shallow water features where hummingbirds can drink and bathe.

Be Patient and Observant: Allow hummingbirds to find and explore your yard at their own pace.

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