Hummingbirds All A-Flutter During Courtship why 

Male Display: Male hummingbirds perform elaborate aerial displays during courtship to attract females.

Vocalization: Male hummingbirds produce distinctive vocalizations during courtship, including chirps, trills, and buzzes.

Flashy Plumage: Male hummingbirds boast vibrant and iridescent plumage during the breeding season.

Territorial Behavior: Male hummingbirds fiercely defend their territories during courtship, engaging in aggressive displays and vocalizations to ward off rivals. 

Courtship Feeding: Male hummingbirds may engage in courtship feeding, where they offer food to females as a display of their ability to provide nourishment.

Mate Selection: Female hummingbirds evaluate male displays, vocalizations, and plumage quality before choosing a mate.

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