Hummingbirds staying in Kansas instead of migrating, expert says

Hummingbird migration has been starting earlier and reports say some are staying in state all winter.

These tiny birds are among the smallest in the world, according to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

These birds can be found in wild nesting along streams and woodland parks with most of their numbers located in the eastern half of the state.

My first tip is to always make sure the animal actually needs help, but in this case, it’s pretty unambiguous. While some birds are just tired or hiding from a predator, this bird is very clearly trapped.

Hummingbirds typically travel south to southern Mexico and Central America during the winter months and return in the summer when there’s lots of food and less competition.

.K-State Professor of Biology Alice Boyle said it’s generally safer for the birds to raise their young in the temperate Kansas weather.

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