Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders with These 6 Tips

1. Use a bee guard or bee moat. Buy a hummingbird feeder with a bee guard or add one to your feeder so only hummingbirds can access the sugary snack.

2. Clean the feeder frequently. Making sure there is enough hummingbird food isn‘t the only thing you need to do after you hang up the feeder. You also need to clean it regularly.

3. Reduce sugary solution on the outside of the feeder. The way you fill the hummingbird feeder can also attract unwanted visitors. “Be sure to avoid letting excess sugar collect on the outside of the feeder during filling, and check carefully for leaks

4. Provide water for bees and insects. Bees, wasps, and other insects need water to survive, so providing them with a water source can deter them from the hummingbird feeder

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5. Grow a Pollinator Garden. Bees are drawn to nectar-filled flowers. Growing plants that attract bees is a way to keep them away from the hummingbird feeder.

6. Relocate the feeder. If you heed all the other tips and notice there are still too many bees and wasps buzzing around the hummingbird feeder, it‘s time to take down the feeder and place it in a new spot.

When you relocate the feeder, bees need time to find a source of food again. “While both bees and hummingbirds are rather visual in finding food sources, bees take time to reorient to new nectar sources, and they have to show their hive mates where they are

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