Keurig unveils plastic-free single-serve pods in ‘reimagination' of coffee

Keurig on Wednesday announced a new product it hopes revolutionizes the way single-serve coffee is consumed.

K-Rounds are plastic- and aluminum-free single-serve pods that derive from roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a plant-based coating that maintains the drink's flavor and aroma.

"Our ambitious agenda reflects our commitment to providing variety, quality, value, and sustainability to the 45 million North American coffee consumers who currently use Keurig brewers

K-Round pods will come in different sizes for specific types of coffee drinks. The pods will also be coded in a way for the Alta brewer to optimize its full taste.

That's because the Alta brewer will have the ability to brew existing K-Cup pods, so it'll serve as a multi-purpose machine.

K-Cup pods, since the end of 2020, have been made out of recyclable polypropylene (No. 5 plastic), but not all recycling facilities accept the material.

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