Kylie Jenner Dazzles NCAA Queen Olivia Dunne With New Fragrance

If there’s one thing that Olivia Dunne is known for apart from her impeccable floor routines, it’s her sense of style.

Her spectacular performance at the Podium Challenge helped the LSU Tigers place first at the event, but she had something truly special waiting for her to commemorate her big night.

Reality TV star and fashionista Kylie Jenner’s new line of fragrances has been sending waves across the glam world, and Livvy Dunne was treated to one memorable gift by the billionaire entrepreneur.

Olivia Dunne enjoys following trends. Naturally, her ambition to display the top brands and designers has made her admirers adore her daily outfit. Dunne added another iconic name to her collection.

Olivia Dunne flattened by surprise gift In her recent series of Snapchat stories, LSU’s poster kid Olivia Dunne shared snaps of a faltering gift she received from the younger sister of Kim Kardashian.

While we believe Dunne was pretty sure about the contents of the mystery box, she didn’t pass the opportunity to tease her fans about the same.

Uploading an image of Jenner’s new “Cosmic” perfume (priced between $26 and $78), Livvy captioned the post as, “ooo what is this?!“.

In another snippet, Olivia can be seen unboxing the quaint item as a pristine-looking bottle reveals itself in all its glory.

Dunne said, "So pretty," as the perfume bottle emerged from the pink packing.