Louisiana hummingbird season begins. How to attract birds to your yard.

They zip across the sky with their tiny wings and long noses, and sometimes, we're lucky enough to have them stop by for a snack.

We're talking about hummingbirds, a favorite garden visitor among both bird enthusiasts and average nature lovers.

If you're a fan of the miniature birds, good news: they'll soon start appearing across Louisiana and the entire U.S.

Hummingbirds migrate from Mexico in late winter and early spring. In Louisiana, early March is a good time to set out your garden hummingbird feeder. Louisiana's most frequent hummingbird is the ruby-throated.

As it gets to late spring, hummingbirds will begin nesting and later make their way back to Mexico during the fall.

Since most birds are not accustomed to eating out of feeders, you may have better luck planting flowers that attract them in addition to using the feeder

Try any salvia, wheat celosia, coral (Rusellia), cigar, hibiscus, impatiens, coral honeysuckle, Turk's cap, blooming maple, shrimp, bottlebrush bush, pentas, and cypress vine.