Nutrition Pros Weigh In: Is Coffee Good For Skin?

Coffee may be good for the skin because if you apply ground coffee to the skin, it is a natural exfoliant that can clear dry, dead skin off the surface. It also has antioxidants which could help skin health.

Some coffee ground contains caffeine and antioxidants when applied under eyes or on skin may improve wrinkles.

It can also reduce premature aging of skin cells. Caffeic acid is an antimicrobial so it can protect skin against bacteria.

Coffee scrub reduce the appearance of cellulite on skin and improve overall blood circulation.

Coffee is rich in niacin may be helpful in preventing skin cancer. It is also known to reduce acne and dark circles.

There is a phytochemical called caffeic acid in coffee that may be antimicrobial, which would also help keep skin healthy.

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