Olivia Dunne blasts off with "Rocket pop boost" in new pics

In case you missed it, Olivia Dunne is rocking as a brand ambassador for Accelerator energy drink, and she recently reminded everyone of the fab collab on her Instagram story.

With a whopping 4 million followers, Livvy took to her social media account with bombshell new photos promoting Accelerator.

In a carousel post initially shared by the company on Thursday, Livvy struck three poses clad in a sky blue workout set, proudly holding a sports drink.

Accelerator also shared a selfie on their own IG story of the college athlete-influencer flaunting her favorite flavor, Rocket Pop.

"Rocket Pop boost," they wrote.

Renowned for its explosive cherry, blue raspberry, and lime flavors, Livvy brought her A-game, effortlessly blending her style and promotion prowess like the queen she is.

She's not just sipping, she's sparkling with every Rocket Pop pic – setting trends and taste buds alight. Livvy's proving she's not just an influencer, she's a flavor shaker, a taste taker, and an energy maker!