Olivia Dunne reveals her dark side to social media and it drives fans crazy

Olivia Dunne's image is one of the "good girl."

The LSU gymnast is the proverbial all-American girl next door, a blonde swimsuit model who loves her dog and her boyfriend and competes with passion at the highest level of college athletics

While her good side has attracted millions of followers, the reaction to her latest video that showed off her dark side alter ego shook the ground even more.


in a short TikTok video set to the tune of a ballet orchestra, Olivia Dunne presented herself as the "white swan," batting her eyelashes and flipping her hair in the cute way that she appears in many videos for her nearly 8 million followers.

Everything flips at the end of the video when her teammate KJ Johnson appears, labeled the "black swan

Her captivating look is accented by her black LSU leotard, dark braided hair and smoky eye makeup.


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