Orchid flowers will bloom for 'for 15 years' with 'simple' care tip

Orchids are a lovely addition to your home, and the plant can live for up to 15 years if cared for properly.

Orchids do well with the correct amounts of water, light, and soil

Orchids need watering with lukewarm water about once a week. You should pour water over the roots and planting mix, then wait and water again.

Let it drain before moving it back to its usual spot in your home. If not, it can cause the roots to rot.

If a plant is getting enough light, it'll have light green leaves. Orchids in low light will have dark and stiff leaves, and orchids in too much light will develop a pink or reddish edge on their leaves.

For soil, orchids grow best in a mix of bark, beat, perlite, or similar materials. It needs to have good drainage.

Don't forget to feed the soil during the growing season, which is from March to November. You should do this once a month.