Pecan Pie Brownies

Dynamic Fusion: Combine the rich flavors of pecan pie with the fudgy goodness of brownies for a decadent dessert.

Brownie Base: Prepare a batch of your favorite brownie batter, either from scratch or using a mix, and spread it evenly in a baking dish.

Pecan Pie Filling: Mix together pecans, brown sugar, corn syrup, eggs, butter, and a splash of vanilla extract to create the classic pecan pie filling.

Layering: Pour the pecan pie filling over the brownie batter, spreading it evenly to cover the surface.

Baking: Bake the pecan pie brownies in the oven until the brownie layer is set and the pecan pie filling is golden and slightly firm to the touch.

Cooling and Serving: Allow the pecan pie brownies to cool completely before slicing into squares and serving.

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