reasons why cats are better pets than dog

kittens are generally less work as they are independent creatures who like doing things for themselves. 

While this is not always warranted, if you find your home is infested with small rodents, we know a furry pet who would happily take the problem off your hands no questions asked. 

Both of which means they can usually go a little bit longer without having a bath and they don’t tend to leave muddy paws around your home. 

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a cat will tend to live longer than a dog. So you have time to make more happy memories with your feline friend and create a super strong bond that will last for years and years. 

And when your kitty is ready to interact and play with you, they’ll let you know. This differs from dogs who only need 12-14 hours of kip a day to help them rest and recharge. 

This coarser tongue allows them to rid themselves of dirt, mess and any other debris that’s made their way into their coat. 

It’s thought cats leave ‘olfactory’ traces along the way, meaning they can follow the trail they have traveled and find their way back to their home.  

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