'Supercharged' Flowers Blooming After California's Atmospheric River

Brilliant yellow flowers are bringing cheer throughout California's Death Valley after being "supercharged" by an atmospheric river that hit the region last month.

The flowers are reminiscent of the superbloom—a phenomenon that can occur in California during the spring months.

The massive bloom of wildflowers produces such a stunning view that it draws spectators from around the nation. Last year was the first California superbloom since 2019.

But Patrick Donnelly, the Center for Biological Diversity's Great Basin director, said the yellow flowers currently blooming in the desert aren't part of the massive phenomenon sometimes experienced in the spring.

The torrential downpour also fueled the growth of the sun cups, which were supplemented by an atmospheric river that brought excessive rain to the region in February.

The excessive moisture allowed the flowers to survive the winter. When the atmospheric river hit at the beginning of February, their growth became "supercharged

Donnelly said the spring bloom has not yet become widespread but the flowers are already up to three times their normal size. It remains unclear if California will experience another superbloom this spring.

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