Texas woman wins lottery jackpot without matching a single number

A Texas woman has won a $250,000 lottery jackpot without matching a single number, and no — it’s not fraud.

Texas Lottery’s “All or Nothing” game gives customers a chance to win by matching all 12 numbers drawn, or none at all. The odds of winning either way are 1 in 2,704,156, according to Texas Lottery.

The woman, identified as An M. claimed the prize after playing on Lotto.com. In a press release, she said she would donate some of the money to an animal shelter located in Lufkin.

“If I ever win the big one, I am going to rebuild Winne Berry [animal shelter] to make it bigger,” she said. “I will pay their expenses for the next two years for them to run it.”

Tickets purchased on the site help contribute to state-run programs in Texas, just the same as tickets purchased in stores.

Since being introduced in 1992, the Texas Lottery has handed out more than $12.9 billion in prizes to players who won at least $1,000 each. Almost 2,000 Texans have become overnight millionaires by purchasing a ticket.

A total of 1,969 players have won more than $1 million and 229 have won more than $10 million, according to data from the Texas Lottery Commission. Meanwhile, five lucky players have won at least $100 million.

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