The best coffee pods ranked – from Nespresso to Waitrose, Lavazza and beyond

This week, concerned coffee lovers have been asking themselves whether Pret A Manger’s subscription service is still quite the good deal it once seemed.

The high-street chain is doing a Netflix and cracking down on subscription sharing among users of its paid-for Club Pret service in a bid to prevent customers sharing their daily drinks with friends and colleagues.

For a £30 monthly fee, consumers are entitled to five barista-made drinks a day (including smoothies), plus a 20 per cent discount on food.

With the sharing loophole closed, you may be asking whether Pret’s deal still adds up, bearing in mind how many of us actually drink five coffees a day.

You’re not alone: more of us are forgoing costly high-street offerings in favour of a more economical cup brewed at home.

“Pod machines are a great step up from instant coffee and are able to produce a consistent drink really easily,” explains Toby Weedon, the barista development manager for Oatly in Europe.

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