'The gateway drug to bird watching': interesting things to know about hummingbirds

Hundreds of species: Expert said there are currently 363 recognized species. He said that number continues to grow as new species are identified.

Only in the Americas: Hummingbirds are found nowhere else in the world except in the Americas. However, that may not have always been the case. Johnson said that 30 million years ago a hummingbird ancestor lived in the area now known as Poland and Germany.

Smallest birds in the world: Expert said hummingbirds as a family are the smallest birds on Earth, but they aren't all the same size. The bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world weighing 2 grams. For comparison, a penny weighs 2.5 grams.

Frigid sleepers: Expert said the body temperatures of hummingbirds is around 104 degrees, but that can plunge at night. He said they go into a hibernation-like state when sleeping and their body temperatures have been recorded as low as 38 degrees.

Nests that grow: Because of what hummingbirds use to build their nests, they are flexible and expand as the baby birds grow to accommodate the increase in size.

Long-distance travelers: Hummingbirds can travel thousands of miles while migrating. Expert said rufous hummingbird migrations can take them close to 4,000 miles between Alaska and Mexico each fall and spring.

– Ruby-throated hummingbirds also get a special honor. They have the longest over-water flight of hummingbirds and travel 500-600 miles non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico.

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