The $1.7 billion Powerball winner was disclosed five months after the second-largest jackpot

The winner of the historic $1.7billion Powerball lottery jackpot has been revealed - five months after the second-largest ever prize draw was made.

Lottery officials have today revealed that the winner is a group headed by a Californian man. Theodorus Struyck is the only one named and said to be representing a group who bought the ticket.

The ticket they purchased from Midway Market in the Frazier Park neighbourhood of Kern County cashed in for a whopping $1.765 billion after the prize was missed in 35 sequences.

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The family-owned business, Midway Market, sold the ticket in October 2023 and received a $1 million bonus for selling the ticket.

Nidal Khalil, the store's co-owner, told CW affiliate KTLA- TV: “That’s the most exciting news ever (to) happen to Frazier Park."

The next Powerball draw will happen Saturday and carries a jackpot currently estimated at $600 million and the Mega Millions prize pot has also been surging, with the jackpot estimated to be $815 million.

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