These states allow Tuesday Mega Millions winners to collect anonymously

The Mega Millions jackpot is up to an estimated $735 million, and players are dreaming about their numbers being pulled for Tuesday's drawing.

Laws in some states allow lottery winners to collect national lottery prizes like Powerball and Mega Millions anonymously.

If there is a winner in one of those 17 states, we may never know who they are. 

The last winner came in December when two tickets matched the numbers drawn and the winners split the $394 million prize in California, a state that doesn't provide anonymity.

Where winners can claim the Mega Millions jackpot anonymously Arizona: Prize must be over $100,000 Arkansas: Prize must be over $500,000 and a winner is only anonymous for three years Delaware: Any prize

Georgia: Prize must be over $250,000 Illinois: Prize must be over $250,000 Kansas: Any prize

Maryland: Any prize Michigan: Prize must be over $10,000 in state-run games only Minnesota: Prize must be over $10,000 Mississippi: Any prize Missouri: Any prize

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