This Flower Will Add A Golden Glow To Your Yard While Attracting Mourning Doves

Mourning doves, with a haunting and mournful call, are one of the most beautiful common birds native to North America. These gorgeous feathered friends undoubtedly add a magical and tender element to any garden or wild space.

Attracting them naturally is super easy with a fabulous native wildflower. Goldenrod is a stunning wildflower that can be found all over North America. Unfortunately, goldenrod has been (incorrectly) given a bad reputation based on false information.

Goldenrod has long been on the receiving end of criticism and unwarranted distaste due to its confusion with the common allergy-inducing ragweed.

When most people think of goldenrod, their mind immediately goes to runny noses, coughs, and sneezes. The actual culprit of most fall allergies is, in fact, ragweed, an entirely different plant with more prolific pollen.

It doesn't help that both plants bloom around the same time, furthering this false narrative. Goldenrod flowers are a feast for mourning doves.

Their diet, which is almost 99% seeds, is well catered to by goldenrod, which produces an impressive 3,000 seeds per plant! But the benefits of goldenrod extend beyond feeding birds.

This vibrant, golden flowering plant is a beacon for all kinds of native pollinators and butterflies, making it a must-have addition to any home garden.

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