This Is What To Fill Your Bird Feeder With In Order To Attract Songbirds

What better way to start your day than with the happy hum of some local songbirds to put a spring in your step?

But if your yard is only frequented by your more silent feathered friends, there is something you can do to entice the types of birds you want in your yard.

All it takes is switching out the bird food in your feeder for something different. This one simple change will bring plenty of cardinals, tits, goldfinches, wrens, and finches to your property.

Just fill your bird feeder with unshelled sunflower seeds to attract more songbirds to your yard.

Unshelled sunflower seeds are also known as sunflower hearts.

This is because sunflower hearts lack the hardshell exterior of a typical sunflower seed, which makes it a lot easier for smaller birds and birds with smaller beaks to rapidly gobble up. This is especially helpful since recent data shows that songbirds seem to be getting smaller.

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