This Musical-Sounding Flower Adds Color And Attracts Hummingbirds To Your Yard

Who doesn't want to attract hummingbirds to their yard? The diminutive little birds aren't just beautiful, they're also fascinating to watch

There are a variety of ways to encourage hummers to visit your yard, including with feeders, but one of the best options is to plant the beautiful and native trumpet vine.

Hummingbirds are native to the Americas, and you can find them in most of the continental United States.

The beautiful little birds need to eat almost constantly to have enough energy to fly, so they tend to stay close to food sources

Hummingbirds aren't just fun to look at though, they can also help improve your garden by eating pests, including mosquitoes and spotted wing drosophila.

This gives you another reason to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

Hummingbirds are attracted to the colors red and orange and prefer flowers with a deep tubular shape, so it's no surprise that the trumpet vine is a favorite of theirs.

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