Transform Your Yard Into A Hummingbird Haven With This Flowering Plant

Your garden may be filled with beautiful flowers that attract butterflies and bees, but what about hummingbirds? How can you attract them? Hummingbirds search for nectar in flowers by sight.

So, it makes sense why they flock to red and orange blooms (sometimes yellow). But they're also attracted to tubular flowers.

The firecracker plant, also called a Cuphea or cigar plant, is a tropical flowering plant with many blooms.

This plant comes in different types, colors, and varieties. One such variety is the Vermillionaire, which you can find online at Proven Winners Direct for around $10.

Another variety is Honeybells, which is available online at Burpee for $25. The 4-plant bundle is heat and drought-tolerant and blooms yellow and red flowers throughout the summer.

These plants offer gorgeous showy blooms throughout most of the year, from summer to the last frost, giving your garden a fantastic pop of color while attracting these mystifying birds.

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