What I Found After Losing My Husband, Home & Dream For My Kids

When I was 3, my parents divorced. My mom packed us up and moved us from place to place. I was the kid who moved around all the time and attended five different elementary schools.

We all know someone who spent their whole life in one house. Either their parents still live there, or they bought it from their parents.

My ex and I divorced when the children were 7 and 5. Instead of alimony, I fought tooth and nail to keep my "forever" house. 

I walked around my house, gave myself time to appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship, and recalled the happy times I spent with my family in each room.

Divorce is heart-wrenching. Moving is stressful. And putting a dream to rest is overwhelming. Combine all these, and it's too much for one person to experience all at once.

I longed for my place, pond, yard, and life in the hills. But the condo gave me time and space to heal and realize my kids and I were OK.

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