What Is a Grapefruit Spoon?

A grapefruit spoon is a special utensil intended to help carve and scoop grapefruit flesh from the rind with ease and precision.

Roughly the same size as a standard teaspoon, a grapefruit spoon features a more tapered head lined with sharp, serrated teeth.

The sharp edges paired with a pointed tip make them perfectly designed for scooping out individual segments of fresh grapefruit.

The main benefit? A grapefruit spoon is multifunctional—it combines two utensils in one. It eliminates the need to first use a sharp knife to loosen the grapefruit segments.

Step 1: Slice in half Turn your grapefruit on its side and use a sharp knife to cut your grapefruit in half around the middle. You’re looking for picture-perfect halves that show off the fruit’s many segments.

Step 2: Cut the segments Using the serrated edge of the grapefruit spoon, slice into the grapefruit, cutting as close to the membranes that divide the grapefruit segments.

Step 3: Lift Using the spoon, scoop the grapefruit segment up with the tip. The grapefruit should lift out easily and cleanly from the rind and membrane.

Step 4: Repeat Repeat the above steps for each segment of grapefruit.

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