'World's Hottest Athlete' Alica Schmidt second behind 17-year-old at German championship

The woman dubbed the “World’s Hottest Athlete” took a couple of big steps towards the Olympics this summer – but was still a step down on the podium in her marquee event.

Alica Schmidt took silver at this past weekend’s German national championship in the 400-metre sprint with a time of 52.95 seconds, trailing only rising star Johanna Martin.

Martin, 17 and competing in her first national championship, took gold with a time of 52.71 seconds.

Schmidt avenged Martin in the 4x200-meter relay, winning gold with SSC Berlin in 1:35.42, while Martin's SC DHfK Leipzig squad finished second approximately three seconds behind.

“I know what my competition can do,” Schmidt said about the competition in Leipzig. “We’re all in a very good mood and ultimately I’m happy that things are moving forward. Also over the 400 metres.”

After missing the Tokyo Games, Schmidt, 25, hopes to make the German Olympic team for Paris. Schmidt was just an alternate in the mixed relay in Japan.

The blonde bombshell is a sight on and off the track. She recently confessed that she turned down a large paycheck because she wasn't behind the company's products, despite earning $739 each month from participating.

“Two months ago, I received an offer from a well-known brand. But I wasn’t 100% behind it,” Schmidt told

“I don’t feel comfortable with that. That would have been in the mid-to-high six figures, for a campaign.”